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Visalia Junior Golf Academy

Visalia Junior Golf Academy Team


AcademyOutline2023 24
Junior Golfers ages 8 through 16 who want to make a significant investment with their time to improve their golf skills. Those junior golfers participating should:
  • Have a strong interest in golf
  • Be playing or plan to play on their high school golf teams
  • Able to interact with minimal supervision for up to ninety minutes.
Administrator and Head Coach -Tom Ringer PGA 559-972-0278 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thirty-five year member of the PGA, NCAA All-American golf team Home Facility-Valley Oaks Golf Course What does being a member of the Visalia team mean?
  1. A commitment to improve golf skills by attending regular instruction sessions and working independently on their games.
  2. Team members will have eight hours of instruction time available to them each calendar month with the Head Coach Tom Ringer. (60 minutes of one on one time)
  3. Team members golf equipment will be evaluated by the Head Coach using Trackman technology and any recommendations and purchases will be offered by Head Coach.
  4. Team members at the beginning/end of each month will be given a recommended list of items to work on and a review of prior months performance.
  5. Team practices will usually be Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.Team practices will begin September 2023.
  6. Plans will be made to play golf courses throughout the Valley.

Cost $170 per month plus $5.00 Friday Green fee. Request a six-month commitment

First Month trial is OK
Range balls are included in all instruction appointments. Team members who do not utilize their monthly instruction time, cannot “bank or accrue” time. Use it or lose it. Head Coach will do his best to accommodate all team members and their schedules.

Questions or to sign up Contact Tom Ringer PGA (559) 972-0278 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.